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Work Permit HR System offers a unique HR-tech solution specifically tailored for UK Sponsor License holders. This innovative
company provides specialised HR management services.
As a UK employer holding a Sponsor License, it is essential to have a robust HR system in place. You are obligated to fulfil certain obligations, which necessitate the keeping of records and reporting. Non-compliance could result in your sponsorship license being downgraded, suspended or revoked.
At Work Permit HR System, we adhere to the UK Home Office stipulations to ensure our HR software system remains compliant.
The Work Permit HR System has a myriad of advantages. It's an invaluable tool for employers, providing them with a streamlined approach to managing the workforce. By optimising administrative and financial processes, they can reduce costs, minimize errors, and increase efficiency.

Work Permit HR System Services We Provide

A unique HR-tech solution specifically tailored for UK Sponsor License holders.

Sponsorship Compliance HR System

We make sure that all procedures are followed to guarantee effective implementation. As part of this, we must adhere to the stipulated regulations in order to avoid any issues.

Right to Work Check/Monitor immigration status

Employers have a duty to check and monitor immigration status in order to ensure that those they employ have the right to work. This is an important part of fulfilling their responsibility to comply with the law.

Manage Attendance

Attendance must be managed in order to ensure that everyone is present at their respective jobs. All personnel should be checked to guarantee that they are fulfilling their duties, and arriving on time every day.

Manage Employee Database /maintaining migrant contact details

Maintaining an employee database is important, especially when it comes to keeping records of migrant contact details up-to-date. It's a crucial task to ensure that all necessary information is available and accurate.

Manage Absence & Holiday / Record keeping

Properly managing absence and holidays requires proper record keeping. Recording the necessary data is essential in order to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed.

In Task Live Status Check / tracking and monitoring of work duty

In Task Live, one can check the status of their work duties and monitor progress.

KPI Managment Task

Managing KPIs requires a good understanding of the processes being measured. It entails setting objectives, assessing progress, and notifying stakeholders when changes occur. It also requires staying on top of emerging trends and project delivery to ensure adequate support and feedback. To ensure success, KPI management should involve regular monitoring and analysis, as well as taking proactive action to keep performance levels high.

Manage lunch / break

Employees should ensure they take regular breaks throughout the day, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by taking a proper lunch break. Scheduling time for lunch allows employees to recharge and refresh their minds, leading to more productive work afterwards. Taking advantage of these opportunities will help staff make the most out of their day.

Absence more than 2 days alerts, notification & email

If an employee is absent for more than two days, they can expect to receive an alert, notification and an email.

Protect your Sponsor License.

Protecting your Sponsor License is crucial for maintaining your ability to employ and sponsor non-EEA workers in the United Kingdom. Implementing a robust HR system can significantly contribute to ensuring compliance with the requirements set by the UK Home Office.

Work Permit HR System

Here are some key considerations for protecting your Sponsor License through an effective HR system:


Compliance with immigration rules: Stay updated with the latest immigration rules and guidelines issued by the UK Home Office. Ensure your HR system aligns with these requirements and facilitates compliance in areas such as right to work checks, record-keeping, and reporting duties.
Right to work checks: Implement a thorough and standardized process for conducting right to work checks on all employees, including non-EEA workers. Your HR system should help automate the verification process, record the checks performed, and store relevant documentation securely.
Record-keeping: Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of your sponsored workers. Your HR system should include a central repository for storing employee information, including visa details, passport copies, and relevant immigration documentation. Regularly review and update these records as necessary.
Reporting obligations: Ensure your HR system has the capability to generate reports required for compliance purposes. This may include reporting changes in employee circumstances, such as salary adjustments, changes in working hours, or termination of employment. Timely and accurate reporting is crucial for maintaining your Sponsor License.

Document management: Effectively manage and securely store all relevant documents related to your Sponsor License. Your HR system should provide secure document storage, version control, and access restrictions to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
Compliance monitoring: Regularly review and audit your HR system's processes to identify any areas of non-compliance or potential risks. Conduct periodic internal audits to assess adherence to immigration rules, and address any issues promptly.
Staff training: Train your HR personnel and relevant staff on the requirements and processes involved in managing your Sponsor License. Ensure they are well-versed in conducting right to work checks, following proper procedures, and utilizing the HR system effectively.
Stay informed: Keep up to date with changes in immigration policies, regulations, and best practices. Regularly review Home Office guidance, attend relevant training sessions, and consider engaging legal professionals or immigration specialists to provide guidance as needed.

Remember, an HR system alone cannot guarantee compliance with all Sponsor License requirements. It is essential to establish comprehensive processes, assign responsibilities, and ensure ongoing vigilance to protect your Sponsor License effectively.

Work Permit HR System UK

Work Permit HR System

As a UK employer / Sponsor License holder, it is a legal requirement to have reliable HR systems and processes in place. As a sponsored license holder, you need to carry out duties, which require record-keeping and reporting. Failing to comply with your duties may result in your sponsorship license being downgraded to level B, suspended, revoked, or withdrawn. At Work Permit HR System, we follow the UK Home Office guidelines to stay compliant with our HR software system.